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I was the Liberal Democrat candidate for Huntingdon constituency in the 2019 General Election, where we achieved a near-doubling of the Liberal Democrat vote.

I stood for the Liberal Democrats in 2017 (Hertford and Stortford) and 2015 (North West Leicestershire). I was on the steering group of Cambridge for Europe in the referendum campaign and very involved in East Herts for Europe during my time with Hertford and Stortford constituency. For political things I am on twitter and facebook.

I cut my teeth politically in the United Reformed Church’s involvement with church and society and was very involved in the ecumenical and multifaith engagement with regional governance in the East of England during the Labour government’s experiments with devolution to the English regions, which included serving as Secretary of the East of England Churches Network and East of England Faiths Council.

Below is a collection of political articles with new things added at the top. They reflect activities in the general election campaigns and the referendum campaign, and the majority are around Brexit.


The direct address for my blog Articles are:

The next coalition?
24 August 2020
Xenophobia and Brexit (again)
29 December 2018
Responding to Labour Remain
27th January 2018
A government fails
15 July 2017
Brexit on the doorsteps
17 April 2017
Article 50 under way
14 April 2017
A time for wise leadership
16 January 2017
Scapegoating of immigrants
24 October 2016
Migrants: welcome and fear
12 September 2016
An election or not?
12 September 2016
A time to grieve?
22 August 2016
Beware the 1930s
8 July 2016
During EU referendum campaign:
Beneath the untruths
8 June 2016
Democracy and the EU
1 June 2106
European and local
26 April 2106

Since 2015 General Election

2015 General Election

I was the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for North West Leicestershire. That election saw a strong swing against the Liberal Democrats, with a parliamentary party of 57 being shrunk to 8, so my not being elected might not have been the biggest surprise.

In the course of the campaign I wrote a number of articles for my campaign web site. Some of these were first published on Liberal Democrat Voice. They were all circulated via the East Midlands Liberal Democrat email list and the campaign facebook page and twitter. They were: