Mark Argent
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Consultancy is sometimes thought of as glorified problem-solving. There are times when that is exactly what is needed, but often a richer approach is in terms of the enabling of learning. At the most basic level, this can lead to change with much less resistance.

I’ve been greatly influenced by the group relations tradition identified with Bion and the Tavistock in the UK and the A.K.Rice Institute in the USA, and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations. That offers some rich ways of exploring what is happening below the surface in groups and organisations, and tapping into hidden resources, not least creativity, so an intervention is about a great deal more than problem solving.

There are some particularly rich things around those who are seen as “problem” people in organisations. Sometimes there really is a problem, but it is often worth asking what someone is doing on behalf of the whole, or why an organisation needs a particular person to take on the role of “problem”. A tell-tale sign of that is when a “problem” person leaves and someone else then starts to be seen as the “problem”.

My own resources for engaging in this area combine systems psychodynamics, creative arts and spirituality. To find out more, please visit my consulting web site: