Mark Argent
Creativity design composition spirituality work with organisations


Many people offer organisational consultancy and coaching, treating coaching as primarily one-to-one work.

It’s never possible to separate a person from their context. Sometimes important things go missing if there is pressure to do this, so it is inevitable that coaching does and should include thinking about a person in their network of formal and informal relationships and connctions.

In his pioneering book Coaching and Mentoring, Simon Western makes the connection between what is now called coaching and what Ignatius of Loyola explored as what has come to be called “spiritual direction” in the sixteenth century, and I am conscois that part of what I bring to coaching draws on my extensive experience in spiritual direction, both on retreat and in other contexts.

I am a registered Analytic-Network Coach, which provides the framework for some of my coaching. For more information please visit my consulting web site: