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We’re nearly there: a time to vote Liberal Democrat

5 May 2015
Manifesto cover

The latest polling in North West Leicestershire shows Andrew Bridgen’s majority drastically reduced.

Free and fair

Voting Liberal Democrat is voting for a free, fair and open society, where the values of liberty, equality and community work together to create a society where no-one is enslaved by ignorance, poverty or conformity.

In North West Leicestershire

Vote for the Liberal Democrat candidates, pushing for regeneration, improvements in transport and engagement with new housing. Vote for the Liberal Democrats who campaigned against the closure of Snibston (and want that decision reversed) and not the Tories who pushed it through.


On the doorsteps I have heard anger that last time we "Put the Tories into power". From the right wing of the Conservative party I have heard huge anger that we stopped them getting their way. A little while back a cartoon on the Conservative Home web site showed a blue (Conservative) manifesto being pecked to pieces by Liberal Democrat birds.

We have shown that coalition can work, can deliver policies that are socially progressive and economically sound.

No overall majority

On Bank Holiday Monday there was a media storm after Liberal Democrat peer Lord Scriven tweeted that the Tories had privately admitted that they can’t win an overall majority. Anger’s been expressed that Labour and Tories are both behaving as if they are expecting to win outright.

New Politics

In the first election debate in 2010, Nick Clegg spoke of a need for “a new politics”, of more than a Labour-Tory duel. The electorate called for that in not giving either of those an outright majority. The new pragmatism of coalition has worked and will work again.

On Friday The Economist summed the the choice as between Labour threatening the Economy and Conservatives threating our place in Europe. Liberal Democrats bring a voice strong on both to government.

Vote Liberal Democrat

We will bring headlines like securing the funding the NHS says it needs, championing mental health, ending austerity by balancing the books and enabling the economy to grow.

As UKIP pull the Tories to the right, and the SNP pull Labour to the left, vote Liberal Democrat to put a stronger economy, fairer society and opportunity for all at the heart of the next government.