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Coalition endorsed by The Economist

2 May 2015
Economist, 2 May 2015

The May 2 issue of The Economist has a balanced leader on the difficult choice facing Britain, a choice between risking the economy (Labour) and risking Europe (Conservatives)

In a super interview, Editor in Chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes explained her reasoning: (click here to listen)

She says: “In an ideal world I would like a continuation of the current Conservative Liberal Democrat coaliton which would be both more progressive and more pragmatic in its deficit reduction than it has been given credit for”.

A Labour-only government poses serious risks to the economy. A Conservative-only government would do serious damage by cutting too deeply and destabilising our relationship with the EU by Eurosceptic attitudes and an unsettling referendum, even though the case for staying in would be won on the facts.

Liberal Democrats have shown that coalition can work and would work to moderate the extremes of either party.

In North West Leicestershire I urge people to vote Liberal Democrat, to replace an MP on the right wing of the Conservative party with a Liberal Democrat, Mark Argent, who will work with colleagues to hold the centre ground between the extremes of Labour and Conservative, seeking to bring a stronger economy, fairer society and opportunities for all.