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Forthcoming events

Events and workshops in the coming months include:

7–10 December 2016
Exploring spiritual direction

This is an experiential workshop, facilited by Mark Argent and David Parkin, exploring spiritual direction in a Reformed context. It brings together people people who give or receive direction and people who are interested in finding out more about this.

In most spiritual direction contexts people from the URC are in a small minority: by bringing together a group drawn mostly from the URC, the event sheds some light on what we bring to the ecumenical table.

20–22 January 2017
Inhabiting scripture: a retreat for LGBT people

This retreat is an opportunity to explore scripture drawing on the experiences of LGBT people.

Stillness and scripture are two rich places for encountering God. In many ways they go together, as silence, and talking with others, are two rich was to let things from the Bible resonate more deeply, opening new insights and new possibilities.

In the past some people have read scripture in a way that excludes LGBT people. But we’ve always been part of the story, and this retreat creates the space to explore what echoes for us as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people — and for others who want to join us on the journey. Where are the places in scripture that nourish us, and have nourished people like us down the centuries? What is it to explore scripture as LGBT people created in the image of God? Where might there be surprises in store?

This is a group retreat. It will include silence, conversation, group work and creative possibilities to explore scripture speaking to us over a few days. There will be scope to deepen our own experiences, and be enriched by different understandings and experiences of others in the group.

6–9 March 2017
Lent reteat

The Easter story is so central to Christianity that it can become almost too familiar. In addition, the pressures of putting together services for Holy Week and Easter can sometimes leave relatively little space for those involved in running church to inhabit the story for themselves.

This retreat will draw on the film Jesus of Montreal as a way into the story. The film itself follows a group of actors, engaged to re-think an annual passion play that had lost its spark. As they are drawn into the story, they meet its freshness and its power — which becomes truly transformative after the authorities, sensing that something beyond their control, seek to close it down. For this retreat, we will work as a group and on our own, in speech and in silence, reacting to film and to scripture, to explore where the aliveness of the story calls us.

Other things under discussion include:

  • Working conferences, stradling the space between spiritual direction and group relations conferences and exploring reactions to books, and as part of a discernment process exploring future directions in religious organisations;
  • A group exploration of scripture as living myth/story;
  • A group-guided retreat;
  • Individually-guided retreats, exploring retreat as an experience of hospitality.